Tetco Engineering and service Ltd. Right now is containing of two major parts; engineering and service departments.

Thanks to the engineering department with more than 30 expert engineers in different majors such as electrical and control, process and mechanical; Tetco is able to fulfill the complete scope of engineering and project management.

Meanwhile, Tetco by lunching his service department has capability to offer complete scope of service and site activities to his clients.

Tetco Engineering and service Ltd. Scope of work includes various sections to cover the client’s requirements in different applications:

  1. Design, Engineering and packaging of process units related to oil and gas, environment, food, chemical and petrochemical industries.
  2. Engineering consultancy and project management
  3. Operational services, overhauls and site training.
  4. Installation, supervision and start up at site according to international standards and site acceptance as per costumer requirement.
  5. Inspection and shop test supervision as per project requirements.